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Cursed Film Review

Cursed horror movie

Who knew Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson (horror icons) once assembled a cast of your favorite actors and made a werewolf movie? I sure didn’t. I stumbled upon Cursed while I was perusing Netflix Instant Streaming one day and thought, “Holy cow, a horror movie with Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, Jessie Eisenberg AND Judy Greer?! How did I miss this?” It’s possible I’m the only person who’s ever seen Cursed, but in the event you’re hankering for a werewolf film, I’m here. Released in 2005, Cursed tells the story of a brother and sister who contract werewolf-ism after encountering one in a car accident. Pretty poor graphics and a weird story follow.

I admired this film from the start because werewolf movies are few and far between. I personally think it’s because the graphics for werewolves need to be just right to be effective. If they’re done poorly, no one’s going to be scared. And just to be clear, Cursed isn’t a scary horror film. While the werewolf graphics aren’t abysmal, they’re still silly. This film has somewhat interesting characters, driven entirely by Jessie Eisenberg, and an easy to follow plot. It never tries to be more than it should, maintaining a pretty simple eerie vibe.

You certainly won’t jump out of your seat during this film, but you won’t burst out laughing either. Cursed is a mediocre film about werewolves that doesn’t really hurt or help horror in any way. You’ll recognize the actors and that will be fun and overall, the story does werewolves justice. It’s just not very scary, but at least it isn’t scary in the “this movie is so bad it’s scary” way.

If you liked Cursed, you might also like The Monster Squad, An American Werewolf in London or Night Wolf.

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