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cult classics

Every kid should be introduced to the wonders that is horror via The Monster Squad. It’s a kid-friendly film that teaches you all the rules of horror creatures. Everything I learned about werewolves, vampires, mummies, and more comes from this movie. Released in 1987, this film is 80s movie perfect from the clothes to the music. It follows a group of kids, dubbed The Monster Squad, as they discover creepy things happening throughout their town. Armed with vast horror creature knowledge and sheer will, they set out to rid the town of monsters before everyone gets hurt.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this film. Sure, it’s not the scariest film on the block but even today it gives me the creeps. The Dracula character is downright scary and even the werewolf manages to be one of the more frightening characters. There are several spooky scenes, sure to scare children and leave even adults feeling unsettled. 80s films are often known for their casts of kids, and this film is no exception. It is a fun, spooky adventure.

The best part of this movie is definitely the variety of horror creatures and the knowledge you gain about them. Few horror films have such a vast ensemble of scary guys and it’s fun to watch the squad apply different horror rules to each creature in order to defeat them. And these creatures are more than just a scary face. Each of them has a story and and a personality that is woven perfectly into the overall film.

If you’re new to horror and love a good cult classic, this is the movie for you. While it’s not terrifying, it is spooky and eerie. And you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the genre. Full of great one-liners, iconic scenes and a fantastic assortment of creatures, The Monster Squad is a flawless horror film.

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