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Next Film Review

You're Next horror movie
horror movie

You’re Next doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it sure does create a beautifully rendered horror film that is gripping and humorous at the same time. The plot revolves around a very wealthy family coming together for the first time in a long time for their parents' anniversary. It is immediately known that the family doesn’t get along that great, especially the three brothers. Of course soon enough all hell breaks loose and the family has to begin their fight for survival. The main protagonist, Erin (Sharni Vinson), seems to have a grip on how to handle the horror and quickly becomes the leader of the pack.


Comedy is not something I like to see in a horror film because it is just one way for producers to make a movie more mainstream and therefore more capable of making money. What makes You’re Next able to use humor is its ability to tie comedy into the craziness of the villains in the film. While I did laugh, I never once doubted how insane some of these people were. Furthermore, the comedic parts were not forced and seemed to place emphasis on how differing personalities may respond to a horrific event. While Erin is the alpha dog, some people are so scared and hysterical that it becomes funny.


While the comedy pops up here and there, the gore is the mainstay of the film. The killing was brilliantly done and this movie without a doubt had the kill of the year (viewers will know what I am talking about). The slashing wasn’t needless and there was a good mix of blood splattered on both sides of the moral line. The scares were also satisfactory even though the movie was predictable at times. You knew when something was going to pop out, but the popping out was still scary somehow.


What pushed this film to the point of greatness was the plot and the craftsmanship of the details. The plot itself was unique and breathtaking. While predictable at times, there were also twists that I did not see coming. Then there was the music and sound editing, which was simply incredible. The music was perfect, especially when the horror really gets going, and the sound editing for the kills was awesome. Over the top at times, but the sound of stabbing and shooting were so crisp that it made the deaths just that much more fun to watch.


Horror island boasts tons of serial killers, but these ones stand out from the crowd. What makes a great villain is a great hero and Erin is the greatest female lead I have seen for a long time. Intelligent and beautiful, she would be a worthy opponent for any horror creature. When a movie has both a villain and a protagonist that could survive on the island, you know you have a great film.


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