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horror anthologies

Having never heard of Trick ‘r Treat or what it’s about, I didn’t realize what a true treat I was in for when I turned it on. Released in 2007, this horror anthology follows four intertwining Halloween night stories, each vastly different and amazingly fun. Trick ‘r Treat is a fantastic horror film that pulls in bits and pieces of Halloween and horror folklore, weaving them together with suspense, unpredictability and pure scary horror fun, much like films of the 80s.

What I loved most about Trick ‘r Treat was it never took itself too seriously, yet still maintained the integrity of a horror film with suspense and gore. No, this film won’t haunt your dreams or make you jump out of your seat, but it’s scary fun just the same. And it still uses gore, many “What the hell?” moments and spooky plotlines. It was actually tough assigning this film a creature category because it combines several, which is why I ultimately threw it in supernatural beings. The acting is great, the stories are compelling and fun to watch and for Halloween and horror fans, this film gives you all the reasons you love the genre.

Trick ‘r Treat is a refreshing horror anthology that was a joy to watch. I honestly can’t say anything bad about it other than some may find it lacking in the scare department. But for me, it was the kind of fun scary that reminds you why you love horror. And it’s definitely a film I’d rewatch again and again.

If you liked Trick 'r Treat, you might also like Friday the 13th, The Cabin in the Woods and Final Destination 3.

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