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The Hills Have
Eyes 2 Film Review

The Hills Have Eyes 2

And here we are, four films later and this story finally shits the bed. The Hills Have Eyes 2, released a mere year after the first remake, tells an entirely different story than any of the others. This movie features a cast of National Guard trainees who stumble upon the hills en route to deliver supplies to some scientists. They soon discover the scientists are all dead and that something or someone is haunting the hills. This sequel is horrible and not in the awesome way. The graphic scenes are too graphic and out of place to be anything but annoying. The characters and story are boring; I found my mind wandering after only 15 minutes of the film. And that awesome feeling of helplessness from the other three films? Totally absent. I mean, in this movie we’re dealing with a group of trained fighters with guns and athleticism. While some of their resources disappear at the beginning, it doesn’t save that feeling.

This movie is disgusting, but not in the way gory horror should be. It is too graphic and horrific to be scary; opening the film with a traumatizing birthing scene sets the film on a dark path. In this movie, the cannibals aren’t just inbred and deformed. They seem to be a little more science fiction - one cannibal with a crazy long tongue comes to mind. Overall, I felt both bored and traumatized, which isn’t a good combination.

I don’t have much to say about this ill-fated sequel. Other than the ghost of a great premise, this film doesn’t have anything going for it and I wish the franchise ended on a better note. Even with this movie, though, the hills are still creepy as ever and a worthwhile addition to horror island.

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