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The Final


horror movie

So far, I’ve been right about the Final Destination franchise and the every/other rule. Every other film has been good. One was great. Two sucked. Three was fantastic. And now, the fourth film, The Final Destination (clever title, right?) was horrendous. Easily the worst of the series. After a group of people escape death at a race car track, one couple tries to warn each of them and prevent the deaths they’re all due.

Same story, new people. The beginning of this movie reminded me of the beginning of the third one. The race track premonition was completely ridiculous and the graphics were horrible. I hoped it would get better from there, just like the third, but it didn’t. The characters in this rendition of the franchise are vapid, shallow shells we as viewers know nothing about. Their connection to each other is nearly non-existent and to be honest, I couldn’t tell you the name of even one of them. The story drags and I mostly just found myself waiting for it to be over.

Even with a new twist on the premonition aspect of the films, this movie didn’t entertain me in the least. The Final Destination is completely forgettable and for the first time ever, I found myself wishing for another sequel simply to redeem the franchise. Rife with horrific (and not in the good way) death sequences and characters with the depth of a puddle, this film is a must miss.

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