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Angela’s back for another camp cleansing in Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. Released only a year after the second installment, Teenage Wasteland drops Angela as a camper into Camp New Horizons, full of both under-privileged and rich kids with the intent of sharing and learning from each other. Much like the second, Angela wastes no time getting down to business and weeding out bad campers and counselors.

Teenage Wasteland is a lot like Unhappy Campers, which is awesome. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. The film still reeks of campy horror. It even adds an intentionally diverse cast to the mix, which is pretty much the secret to campy horror. There are references to the previous film and Camp New Horizons is held on the very same campground as Camp Rolling Hills. The movie shakes it up a bit by having the campers in tents in the woods instead of the cabins, but it’s all the same. The only thing the film really suffers from is the characters aren’t as dynamic as Unhappy Campers, leaving me feeling a bit bored with them.

While Teenage Wasteland doesn’t quite measure up to Unhappy Campers, it’s still a hell of a good time. Angela is the same happy-go-lucky gal who never runs out of ways to kill people. She truly loves camp and she just wants it to be full of good campers, y’all. Don’t you get it? Angela’s one-liners throughout the film are amazing. My personal favorite - as Angela chops wood for a fire and the counselor comments on her woodchopping skill, her response, “Oh, I’ve never chopped wood before but I’ve chopped other things.” Classic Angela.

Keep your eyes out, horror island. Angela is one of the most clever and by far the happiest serial killer around. She’ll kill you with kindness, all right.

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