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Let’s play a game, I want to play a game. NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH YOU ANYMORE. I’ve never seen someone want to play a game so badly. Three films in, the last thing I want to do is play a game with Jigsaw. Released two years after its debut, Saw III follows the serial killer on more adventures. This time he’s in a homemade hospital room at the end of his life while new victims duke it out for their survival. Throughout the entire film, his protege, Amanda, stays by his side and runs the show for him.

I swear with each second, the Saw films get gorier and gorier. The life or death scenarios and traps Jigsaw sets get more and more ridiculous. The initial plot of how far would you go in a life or death scenario is long gone, now it’s just deaths that are tenuously held together with a ghost of a plot. The film tries to thread each of the characters together in some way, but the story is so convoluted and foggy, by the time the viewer reaches the end and has to remember how everything pieced together, it’s impossible. Plus, how thrilling is it that Jigsaw is on his deathbed the entire film?

The one saving grace is Amanda’s story is pretty compelling. This film throws in a lot of flashbacks so we can see just how a girl who was tortured by Jigsaw came to be his student. We learn a lot about her and things that happened in the previous film. Her issues, mostly brought on by Jigsaw, are interesting to watch unravel. While I didn’t enjoy her so much in part two, I liked her a lot in this film.

None of that is enough to save this bad story, though. Plus, the stereotypical twist ending the series always throws in is pretty subpar this time. But it does suggest there’s more to come… YAY! Stay tuned for what’s sure to be more gore, dumber deaths and maybe Jigsaw?!

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