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foreign horror movie

Santa Sangre is a psychic horror that tells the story of a child magician, Fenix, and his childhood in the circus. Through the use of flashbacks and fast-forwards, the viewer is privy to the here, now, and then of Fenix’s life, which is bizarre to say the least. This movie relies heavily on hallucinatory images and bizarre situations that make the viewer feel uncomfortable and to the point of shutting the movie off. While I was close, something about this movie kept me engaged and after pondering over the whole film, it is a real horror treat.

Cliché horrors embrace the scare and fright they create through brutal stabbings and sudden deaths. This movie embraces the power of sin and one individual’s extreme desire to be good and not evil. The evolution of Fenix’s character is astounding. At one point in the movie you will love him, while the next you will want to punch him in the face. This movie is a journey, which means that some parts of the journey are not pleasant to be a part of. Luckily, the ending is worth the journey. The Mexican theme and music adds a lot to this movie and seems to compliment the extreme amount of religious aspects that are a part of Fenix’s life. All of the characters have an vast amount of depth and the viewer constantly questions their history. The acting job by Axel Jodorowsky (Fenix) is incredible and without his emotion and power the movie wouldn’t be the same. I am not saying that every horror fan will love this movie and if you do watch it, you will probably only watch it once, but the amount of intelligence in this movie is top notch. You will love the villain at times and will ultimately feel bad for the life this individual has to lead. I don’t feel bad for Jason or Michael Myers, I don’t feel like they even have much emotion at all. That is what makes this movie special. We aren’t dealing with a sociopath, instead the killer is a real human that pulls on our heartstrings.

Overall, horror island is receiving a serial killer that is human in nature. Wandering about in a hallucinatory state, this killer is the kind of person that will kill a person and then go to the local church in order to light a candle and repent for what was done. Sometimes, these killers are the worst, and I believe other killers in horror will take note of this and stay far away.

If you liked Santa Sangre, you might also like A Tale of Two Sisters and Silent House.

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