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Friday the 13th

As much as I hated Part 8, this film has to be my least favorite Jason Voorhees film. I cannot stand this movie and the only reason it gets a two is because it’s short and nowhere near as bad as a Rob Zombie film. The first produced by New Line Cinema, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday goes in a new direction. In the film, the FBI catches and destroys Jason at the beginning, only to discover his heart survived and now possesses the body of other townspeople. Turns out, only a blood relative of Jason can kill him and send him to hell. I know, I know... far-fetched, right? The reason this film sucks is because it follows none of the rules of a Friday the 13th film. All of the standards and pieces fans of this franchise look forward to are missing, leaving nothing but a boring, silly film.

There are no kids, no camp counselors, barely any Camp Crystal Lake - in fact, there are no teens, period. There aren’t even any scenes of Jason enforcing his moral compass by killing off people smoking weed or having premarital sex. This film has none of that and I missed it. The plot crawls along and I could barely keep my eyes open throughout it. Every single character in this film is incredibly annoying and it’s nearly impossible to root for any of them.

As if missing all of those elements wasn’t enough, the biggest issue is that this film is missing Jason himself! He’s technically not in most of the movie because his heart is possessing other bodies. The Jason we know and love, the Jason we are used to is absent. Instead, we get to watch lame characters, acting on the spirit of Jason, as they kill people. It’s awful and I’m shocked it was made into a film in the first place.

This is one of my shorter reviews, as you can see. This movie was terrible and I hated pretty much all of it. It’s so far from a Friday the 13th film that it’s barely recognizable. At the end, as the characters attempt to send Jason to hell, I could only think one thing: did Jason go to hell or just me?

If you liked Jason Goes to Hell, you might also like Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason and Friday the 13th.

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