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The horror genre has many subcategories, so we at Save Horror thought it would be interesting to analyze some of these "creatures". Are vampire movies getting worse over time? Are aliens thriving? In order to analyze this topic, we created a population and SOF (survival of fittest) metric. Population denotes the number of creatures that can be found on Horror Island. Think of animals and wildlife...are cheetahs thriving? Endangered? The population is determined by the weighted average of the subgenre of films across many review sites (Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, etc.). The number you see below is the number above the average across all creatures. What about the SOF score? This is a measure of how strong the particular subgenre is. It is the weighted average of those films. The closer to 10, the better. If we have labeled a creature as endangered or even extinct, does it mean that we will never see good horror films from that category? Definitely not, think of this as more of an interesting and fascinating measure of trends within the horror industry. What is hot right now? What has really faded off? These are meant to provide a blend of art and math, which is a difficult mix, but it does create for engaging conversation and fun.