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What is Save Horror? We are activists who educate people on the horror genre by providing reviews and articles. We strive to support a horror dialogue and community and to empower audiences to fight for horror by educating themselves on the genre and also developing a discerning taste. We also support the work of others and attempt to highlight the complete lack of respect for LGBT, Black, and other minority groups.


Bottom line, we love horror. The good, the bad and the truly terrible. So why do we feel like horror "needs" saving? Think of Save Horror as a call to action. A reminder that horror fans should hold studios and corporate executives accountable for the movies they put out. While we love all forms of horror, we do not love the idea of companies creating cheap films, with cheap scares, solely on the premise of making money. With this in mind, we support independent artists, writers, critics, and professionals that work every day towards making the horror genre the best it can be. 

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